Brew Kettle

Spike Brewing 15 gallon Stainless Kettle with 2 TC ports


Dual TC Port Design

The two ports on our brew kettle are used for drain and whirlpool. When the boil kettle's main job is to boil, there isn't really a point to having a thermometer. You can tell when the wort is boiling. Having said that, all we do with our kettle is boil, so there are configurations where a thermometer is needed, just not in our case. These are both fitted with high temp trigger style butterfly valves and high temp silicone TC gaskets. (qty4)

Whirlpool Port

Both the drain and whirlpool port on the kettle have the shorty pickup tubes in place. The whirlpool pickup is rotated about 90 degrees, and has a short section of tubing attached to promote the whirlpool flow after the boil ends. It works really well, especially with the Riptide pump. The trub cone tends to stay nicely in the lipped bottom and, if not drained too fast, very little sediment is picked up into the fermenter.