Future Plans

Where do we go from here? What's next?

The Plan

Motor for Grain Mill

If you have read about the malt muncher grain mill then you know that there are some struggles getting a consistent speed when milling the grain for mashing. A motor would make this more consistent and user friendly. There are some nice expensive options avilable for this. The current hope is to find a motor and make a DIY solution instead. Stay tuned.

Electric - Indoor Brewing

Dreams. They're great. When you dream, dream big. Imagine brew day without having to consider the outside weather. Hot summer, cold winter, who cares? Electric brewing would involve several, fairly large, components. First, a 240V circuit would need to be installed (really probably another circuit also to power a hood fan independently). Then, the hood would need to be installed (I have doubts about using kettle steam condenser systems). Lastly, there is a need for new ports to be installed in the kettle and the HLT. Maybe. One day. IDK.

Go Pro

What's better than a really extravagent homebrew setup? A real brewery. I guess that conversion to electric doesn't seem like such a big dream now, does it? This is another one that is more of a long term goal. Not so much a Christmas list item.

Burner Windproofing

The main difference I see between our burner and the fancy expensive ones is that they have better wind protection for the banjo burner in the frame. The thinking is that we can just buy a small piece of bendable sheet metal to sort of shape around the burner and block out a lot of the wind. Should be fairly inexpensive and should help with some rough winter winds around here.