The reward for all the hard work.

Recipes are created using the Brewer's Friend website. The tools they provide are very useful in developing recipes. Information about our equipment profile can be entered and calibrated on the site and it allows you to estimate your effiiencies and calculate your recipies based on expected results.

Just like we use for creating the brew recipes, we also use Brewer's Friend to track the brewing sessions and maintain the brew day logs for our brews. It's a bit redundant with the brew guides also, but the brew day log data merges seamlessly with the readings coming from the Tilt Pro wireless hydrometer, so it works really well.

Since the early days of our homebrewing, using extract kits and even all grain kits, we always utilized the brew guide sheets that came included with those. When we started creating our own recipes, that same practice was carried forward in a 'custom' kind of way. Be advised that, in a decent number of places, these brew sheets are customized for our equipment setup. They can still be adapted as anyone may find them useful or serve as inspiration for customizing one's own brew day sheet.