Counterflow Chiller

Exchilerator Maxx Counterflow Wort Chiller


Blichmann TC Adapters

Basically the only enhancements here are surrounding hatred for NPT thread tape. The 1.5" TC to 1/2" NPT compression adapters from Blichmann (also used on the NPT pump for the mash tun, same reason) fit to the input and output copper wort connectors. It comes with garden hose adapters for the cooling water, and those remain unchanged.

TC Tee and Thermometer

The TC tee and TC thermometer were also needed to avoid the dreaded NPT connections and tape. As you would guess, the thermometer reads the output temp from the chiller as the wort flows through the tee and into the fermenter.

Environmental Thoughts on Chiller

Realistically, yes, this device will cool 5 gallons of wort to pitching temp in 5 minutes. That comes at the cost of something like 30 gallons of cooling water at extremely cool temperatures. (think cold winter) In our practice with the chiller, it typically cools 5 gallons in about 15 to 20 minutes. We also run the wort into the fermenter at about 80F. However, we only use an average of about 10 gallons of cooling water to achieve this. (think summer, warmer weather, with even less cooling water used in winter) As a note, to finish explaining this, after we fill the fermenter at 80F, we use the installed cooling coils to precisely cool the wort to pitching temp.